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Katy Perry, The Bar Mitzvah DJ

The candy-queen singer dresses up as a Jewish male DJ for a promotional video Read More

By / April 23, 2014












Hey Katy Perry, you devout Christian, you. Nice try dressing up as “Yosef Shulum”.

The “roar” singer is gearing up for her new summer single, “Birthday,” and recently aired a promotional trailer for her music video dressed as various characters in full costume. There’s a ditzy social media queen, a drunk clown, a “has been” Vegas dancer….and a Jewish (he’s wearing a yarmulke) bar mitzvah DJ.

Yosef Shulum is one of “those Jews” that spits a lot when he talks and tells corny jokes. Perry drew from her bag of classic Jewish stereotypes; specifically, the notion that Jews are penny savers. The “putzy Jewish entertainer” closes with a dopey joke, “Did you hear about the rabbi who did free circumcisions? He only did it for tips!”

Eh, ok. Why doesn’t Perry just stick to lollypops and Candy Land and whipped-cream- infused bras? Pretty lame overall, but maybe the song will be fun summer jam. After all, I do like me some “roar.”

Watch the trailer at your own discretion.

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