Celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut By Listening to the “Frozen” Soundtrack in Hebrew

La’azov! (Let It Go!) Read More

By / May 5, 2014

Yom Ha’atzmaut begins tonight and ends Tuesday evening—what better way to celebrate than by listening to the entire Frozen soundtrack in Hebrew? OK, OK, there are definitely better ways ways to celebrate. But this is a fun one to add to your morning commute.

Here’s “La’azov” (Let It Go) with English subtitles—it’s really interesting to see how the act of translating changes the song. (Click the ‘about’ section on the YouTube page for transliterated Hebrew lyrics so you can sing along.)

Big hat-tip to the good folks at Kveller for unearthing these wondrous clips. Full soundtrack here.

Bonus! Meet the cast of Israeli dubbers: