Lady Gaga Says “Shalom” to Israel in Advance of September 13 Concert

“Shalom, this is lady Gaga.” Read More

By / September 3, 2014

Lady Gaga has released a short video greeting for Israeli fans in advance of her Tel Aviv concert. “Shalom, this is Lady Gaga,” is her sensational greeting. “I’m so excited to perform my new tour in Tel Aviv. I’ll see you soon Israel! September 13th.”

OK, so the nine-second clip isn’t notable for anything, really—except the mini-internet firestorm that erupted after its release. Arab fans expressed their disappointment, “labeling her as ‘disgusting and devilish’ and having ‘no sensitivities'” in light of the recent conflict in Gaza, Al Arabiya reports. (It’s now standard for international performers to be pressured to boycott Israel once they announce tour dates with stops in Tel Aviv.) Gaga did not respond to the allegations.

The conflict in Gaza led several big name acts to cancel summer gigs in Israel, including Neil Young, Lana Del Ray, and the Backstreet Boys.

With Gaga’s concert going ahead as scheduled, we have two pressing questions:

1) Will someone vomit on her on stage again?

2) Will she reprise her leather studded Star of David jacket from her first visit to Israel in 2009?

We’ll have the answers for you next week.