Please Stop The Hanukkah Parody Song Madness

Jews: Stop the madness. These videos are unbearable. Read More

By / December 7, 2011

Last week The Forward’s Amy Klein wrote about her worries that another tacky Hanukkah song full of kippah-clad singers and cheesy lyrics would be released, and the rest of the world would say, “Look at those silly Jews.”

I don’t know Amy Klein, but I’m wondering if in her wildest dreams she ever thought that a few days later, the Orthodox organization AISH would unleash a video that includes bits of nearly every song you’ve ever sang drunk at karaoke, and a scene that makes me question, “Are they really imitating Journey, or is that guy looking for an excuse to break the commandment not to dress like a woman?”

Jews: we need to stop this madness!!!