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Watch: The Premiere of ‘Seder-Masochistic’

The Universal Thump’s new music video gets naughty… with matzah. Read More

By / April 20, 2016

Has sitting through a seder ever felt a bit like torture? Did you enjoy it anyway? Then you might be the perfect audience for ‘Seder-Masochist,’ the new single by Brooklyn band The Universal Thump.

Jewcy is excited to premiere this video, starring special guest, Broadway star and musician Lauren Molina, and featuring lines like, “Seders make my dough rise” (Greta Gertler Gold was the writer and composer).

Does the video contain a spanking with leeks a la Sephardic “Dayenu” customs? Is there an attempt to eat a matzah ball with chained-up arms? Are there Maxwell House haggadot held seductively in front of breasts? You bet there are.

You can buy the song here, so you can learn it in time for your seder and serenade your bubbe over the salad course.

If you’re hungry for more Passover ditties, the Universal Thump is also hosting The Seder-Songwriter Project, an evening at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan on May 1st featuring Jewish and gentile performers alike doing original numbers inspired by the holiday. It’ll be a post-Passover “musical seder.”

In the meantime, get your sexy Pesach fix below: