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Nerds Collectively Freak Out: Neil Gaiman To Appear On The Simpsons

Neil Gaiman made a big announcement that he’s going to be hanging out with our favorite yellow family. Read More

By / January 14, 2011

Neil Gaiman’s classic comic, The Sandman, first came out around the time that the first full episodes of The Simpsons debuted on Fox.  So maybe you can call the news that Gaiman reported on his blog sort of a dream come true that some of us thought so impossible, that we didn’t even think to dream of it at all.

Gaiman says:

“I play myself. I play a very different version of myself to the me I played in Arthur, though. For a start, I do not appear in anyone’s falafel. Also, I expect I will be yellow.”

The episode will be airing next year.