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Overheard In Jew York: Uptown Train

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By / May 11, 2011

Location: 1 Train, Uptown bound.

Brunette #1: I need to go to Costco now that Pesach is over – first all you have is chametz, then all you need is chametz – there’s no food in my house!

Brunette #2: Oh, maybe I’ll go with you! I went yesterday, but I was so crazed with the baby I forgot to pick up that diamond tennis bracelet…

Location: hole in the wall bar, Alphabet City.

Non-Jewish Girl: What’s that Hitler movie again…? About the Holocaust?

Jewish girl: Schindler’s List? Shoah?

Non-Jewish Girl:  No… I remember! It’s that parody I saw on YouTube.

(Cue awkward silence.)

Location: Bergdorf Goodman Shoe Salon

Yente to Non-Working Mother: You know they say that there are three things in this world that you can always only do two out of three well: work, work out and be a mother.

To our beloved ladies of Jew York,

May you continue to be full blown yentas, completely tactless and utterly shameless.

Yours truly, The Judgemental Jewy Jewcy HQ.