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Saudi Arabia Not Used To Jewish Humor

We like Andy Borowitz over at Jewcy. We chuckle at his smarter-than-most-people humor. But we didn’t think he could pull one over on an entire country. Read More

By / December 10, 2010

Andy Borowitz is sort of like the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” for people who went to graduate school, drive Volvo station wagons, never let their subscriptions to The New Yorker lapse, and live in urban areas.  We also like Andy over at Jewcy (and never forget to renew our subscriptions), and chuckle at his smarter-than-most-people humor.  But we didn’t think he could pull one over on an entire country.

According to this report, Borowitz fooled Saudi Arabia media into thinking that a satirical piece he wrote was in fact truth.

“In his latest effort to find common ground with Republicans in Congress, President Barack Obama said today that he was willing to agree that he is a Muslim.”

Both Al-Hayat, one of the Middle East’s most influential newspapers, and Sabq, believed to be controlled by the Saudi interior ministry, apparently didn’t get the joke, and reported headlines that Obama was having his Muslim coming out party.

Borowitz released a statement saying: “The Borowitz Report is proud to be the official news source of the government of Saudi Arabia. Better us than Fox News.”