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‘Seinfeld’ Saw the Future, And it Was Facebook

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By / August 13, 2013

The Huffington Post pointed out today that Seinfeld basically predicted Facebook. Seriously: in this stand-up routine, Jerry describes the unfortunate circumstance of calling someone on the telephone—and having them actually pick up. All you ever really want to do is leave a message.

Then he summarizes the entire point of Facebook’s existence, explaining why we so eagerly embrace this social networking force. Hint: it’s so we’d never actually have to talk to people.

Here what we have is two people who hate each other, don’t really ever want to talk, but the phone machine is like this relationship respirator keeping these marginal brain-dead relationships alive, and we all do it. Why? So that when we come home you can see that little flashing red light. You go, ‘all right, messages.’

You see, people need that. It’s very important for human beings to feel that they are popular and well-liked amongst a large group of people that we don’t care for.

Emphasis ours. Touche, Jerry. And while you’re at it, can you accept our friend request?

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