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The Big Jewcy: Andy Cohen – Mazel Maker/Tastemaker

Ten reasons we love Andy Cohen. There are probably about fifty more, but let’s start with these ten. Read More

By / June 2, 2011

Reasons Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen caught our attention, kept our attention for over a year, and now more than deserves to be a member of this year’s Big Jewcy:

1. He made drinking (and drinking games) an appropriate on-air activity.

2. He has a deep, undying love for all wealthy, mentally unstable, table flipping, shopping addicted Real Housewives all across the country.

3. He brought us the loveable, relatable and self-declared lunatic Jewess that is Bethenny Frankel. (Her hormonally charged trip to Costco may or may not have been the highlight of our Reality TV watching year!)

4. He has some serious love for the alcohol loving deaf community – Andy recently changed the on-screen location of his drinking game banner to a corner of the screen where the closed captions would not conceal it.

5. He has declared an adorable fifteen-year-old, Upper East Side Jewish teenager, Ben Weiner, the ultimate Real Housewives fan.

6. [On a more serious note…] As a Point Foundation honoree, he serves as an incredible role model for the gay Jewish community.

7. As a white as day, Jewish man he has successfully used the phrase “who gonna check me, boo?!”

8. He has brought us women who have feigned the vocal talent to release such wonders as Money Can’t Buy You Class and Tardy for the Party.

9. He gave us the Original Jewish Gangstas, the Zarin Family whose yente-isms brought us the ultimate gem – Secrets of a Jewish Mother.

10. He made Mazal just as popular as Rachel Zoe made bananas.