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The Big Jewcy: Barrett Pall – A Really Good Looking Jewish Man

Yes Jewesses far and wide, this stunning specimen is Jewish – his looks are just God’s way of saying you’re welcome. Read More

By / June 8, 2011

Imagine meeting someone this gorgeous in a New York bar. Based on first impressions  (undeniably attractive, perhaps warm and effortlessly well-styled) you are likely to assume the following characteristics: with his edgy surfer look, the stunner pictured above may be from the West Coast; he is definitely unavailable due to his probable arrogance and likely lengthy list of female callers and without a shadow of a doubt this looker is 100% gentile. But, when we at Jewcy discover that such a man is not only gorgeous, undeniably personable, a true-blue New Yorker and a full-blown Jew – we dig in. Enter The Big Jewcy.

Barrett Pall, a male model currently pursuing acting opportunities out in Los Angeles is a born and bred New Yorker, and while his last name may sound too WASPy to be true, his mother’s maiden name, Goldberg, certainly cleared up any and every doubt I had that such good looks could stem from our big nosed, brown haired origins. Yes Jewesses far and wide, this stunning specimen is Jewish – his looks are just God’s way of saying you’re welcome.

I caught up with Barrett on his drive home from Las Vegas, where is face is currently plastered all over the airport. He is no stranger to seeing his face and body enlarged, as he drives past images of his bare behind on Sunset Boulevard on a daily basis. Barrett, clothed and not-so-clothed is one of the new faces of Vegas’ new premier hotel, The Cosmopolitan. I figured Barrett would be unphased at the sight of himself on a billboard at this point, but his reaction to my assumption immediately reminds me of why we love him in the first place – “its been up for a year now, but I still get giggly when I see it.” Where most models exude adjectives like arrogant, unsubstantial, self-centered and dim witted, substitute those for the following in the case of Barrett Pall: consistently humbled, enthusiastic, down to Earth – all with a bright head on his shoulders.

Although we were only five minutes into our chat, I jumped right into forcing Barrett to be as cocky as one would assume a man in his profession would be, making him rattle off his latest and greatest professional opportunities and accomplishments. Assuming he’d answer with a shoot for an unknown indie publication here, a fashion video there, I was absolutely shocked with what he’d been up to during the small time he has been back in Los Angeles (he’s only been out of New York for a few months!). “Well I just did a video for the Britney Spears World Tour, which was pretty cool. They put me and another male model in nothing but like a sock and a rubber band and made us sit on these lazy susans. They spun us around with the direction to portray strong, Greek God-like figures. The video is going to play behind Britney as she performs her new song, Drop Dead Beautiful on tour… so my ass is definitely getting work these days.” Barrett’s [clothed] ass has also been shot for Dutch Elle, Vanity Fair Italia, and starred in a video collaboration between The Standard Hotel and W Magazine.

Confused as to why such a success would even bothering a switch of U.S. coasts, I immediately questioned Barrett’s decision to pack up and leave ol’ New York. “L.A. has been good to me. There are eight million of me in New York… and they are tall to boot.” Standing at an industry dubbed “too short” at 5’9ish, Barrett has learned to own any insecurities about his height, substituting it with New York charm. “Theres an East Coast edge to my look that they are lacking out here in L.A., so I am getting more work out here than I ever did in New York. I am pretty normal back home. Out here, the way I dress stands out a bit more. I walk, talk, act, dress like a New Yorker, so it gives me a little something different.

His little something different may also be his sexy squint, which he’s seemed to have mastered over the years, despite his being a classic Jewish loony toon. “I naturally don’t feel sexy, I feel goofy. But then I’ll have situations like on my last job where a director says to me, ‘we need you to look in a mirror, fall in love yourself and then kiss yourself…’ – I had to make out with myself in front of 25 people … which will then become millions of when the shoot I did goes public, and that’s supposed to just another day on the job.”

That invaluable skill sealed the deal for us. While we typically don’t put just any Jewish sexy man on The Big Jewcy, Barrett Pall is no ordinary man. Ladies and Gents, we present to you a man whose able to make love to himself via his own reflection wearing nothing but a tube sock loincloth! Be impressed… and stop drooling.

Barrett Pall, welcome to The Big Jewcy.