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The Big Jewcy: Simmy Kay – Jimmy Dean Cloud, Guy Who Hangs With Candy, MTV Producer, TV Jack Of All Trades

You know Simmy Kay. He hangs out with m&ms, he’s a sausage craving cloud, and he’s one of the funniest guys you will ever meet. Read More

By / June 1, 2011

Simmy Kay (known by summer camp attenders and lox-eaters as Simmy Kustanowitz) has spent the last decade simultaneously building impressive writing and acting resumes.  Most recently, you may recognize him as the guy nudging the blue m&m in a national commercial, and before that, as the adorably pouty cloud in the Jimmy Dean commercials.  Look familiar?  Yeah, he’s on VH1, too.  Behind the scenes, his recent projects include supervising producer of MTV’s Silent Library, as well as the Next Food Network Star’s after show.  Most importantly, though, he’s the nicest, funniest guy you’ll ever meet.