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The Jewcy Style Index: Your Face is Thirsty

Know this: if you are one of the few freaks of nature blessed with perfect skin, this is not the article for you. If you wake up each day radiant, skin glowing and packed with life and moisture, may I … Read More

By / December 17, 2010

Know this: if you are one of the few freaks of nature blessed with perfect skin, this is not the article for you. If you wake up each day radiant, skin glowing and packed with life and moisture, may I suggest you take this time to log off your computer and plop yourself in front of a mirror to admire the rare gift God and your mama gave you. While, you are doing that, I will get on with showing the remaining 99.9% of the world’s population the light – as I have uncovered your mystical skin secrets. Calm down sensitive skins – most of us have skin that reacts to our environment, i.e. the harsh and sudden weather changes our beloved global warming has bestowed upon us. To that affect, I have recently developed an undying obsession for a few face products that have managed to keep my parched skin from being ravaged by the winds and airy frost bite of the urban tundra.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche: Recommended to me by makeup guru, Kristin Gallegos, this little bottle of magic has certainly saved my skin as the cold weather sets in. I have only been using it for a week and have noticed a significant difference in my complexion’s tone and level of moisture. Categorized according to your skin type (I happen to have combination skin that leans on the dry side every now and then), this collection of gentle ingredient products was incredibly extensive, allowing both parched faced Susie and oily skinned Lucy to make the perfect purchase. If you are thinking that this product sounds obscure and uber luxurious, you are only half accurate. La Roche Posay may be French but is one of a few French pharmaceutical brands that has been showing it’s face in common day American drugstores – i.e. your local Duane Reade or CVS Pharmacy. This magic potion may not be your standard tub of Neutrogena, but it’s located in the same aisle. Who knew I could purchase skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom over the counter? You learn something new every day…

La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche, $23.00 at your local CVS or Duane Reade.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: After you’ve moisturized or primed your face (I assume that as a mature adult, you have learned that this is essential) I know exactly what you do – you cake on foundation or concealer at times bordering the quantity used by the entire cast of The Jersey Shore. Being that you do not fist pump at the club with Snooki and Jwoww on a nightly basis, this is completely unnecessary. But, not to fret my orange faced friends – I know what you were attempting to achieve as you were slathering drying agents on to your face! You want even toned, blemish free skin as a foundation for makeup application and inside your well intentioned, overly made-up little heart you know as well as I do that this clown like face painting is not the way to get it. Instead, I have found the solution to your problems in a moisture packed, oil free product – you can thank me later. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer combines the skin evening abilities of your cream concealer with oil free moisturizers to smoothly coat your skin and leave it radiant and ready for cosmetic application. Fret not if you need a tad more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, I have no plans to come to your home and rob you of the thick cream foundation you know and love. Be sure it matches the tone of your tinted moisturizer (which at this point hopefully matches the tone of your actual skin!) and use it to spot treat blemishes rather than clogging all your pores with its intensity. Let’s make a deal – if  your skin does not look like it’s been airbrushed with make-up staying put all day long, you can come to my house and rob me of my beloved Laura Mercier moisturizer.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, $42.00 at Sephora or on

Le Mystere Moisturizing Day Cream: Created by a brand who spends most of its time specializing in high-end lingerie, Le Mystere has decided to apply the same theories to skin as they do to your breasts to keep both controlled, in place and comfortable all day. While this product may be slightly more indulgent and extravagant than the others I have loved and suggested, this perfection in a jar is priced high with good reason. Vegans beware:  Le Mystere’s secret ingredient for their day cream is colostrum, a nutritious milky liquid produced in the mammary gland immediately after birth. While admittedly, the concept of spreading milk protein retrieved from post-birth glands of any kind is slightly nauseating, the results are far from it. Knowing nothing of said milky glands, I sampled the product and fell in love, only later to learn its deep, post-natal secret. I can now admit that after trying Le Mystere’s cream, I would bathe in said protein if they told me to – the airy lightness of the cream paired with the richness it infused into my skin had me this close to seeking out some mammary glands of my own. Let the milky liquid extraction commence!

Le Mystere Moisturizing Day Cream, $110.00 at Bra Smyth.