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This American Life Ira Glass Man-Fautation Post: Right To Remain Silent

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By / October 26, 2011

This week was something of a disappointment for This American Lifers with the so-called “Right to Remain Silent” episode being nothing more than two recycled stories.  There’s got to be some kind of phenomenon with re-reruns.  Have you ever noticed how the Simpsons episodes you catch always seems to be the same five episodes you’ve seen a thousand times?  Such is TAL reruns.  Lucky for us, memories are always re-runs, and there are millions of them to chose from.

Act I told the story of a “mouthy” individual who loses it entirely after being blown off at the Apple Store.  Supposedly one needs and Ivy League education to be a genius at an NYC Apple Store, yet they’re never smarter enough to not piss off their patrons.  I’ve had plenty of irritating encounters with so-called geniuses, but none frustrating enough to make me knock something off a counter.  So, this guy who happens to be an Iraq war vet, goes home, smokes a bowl and watches Fight Club.

So, the guy from Act I goes home, smokes weed and watches Fight Club, then posts a quote from the movie on Facebook, a quote with Columbine-esque connotations, but he goes as far as to make the quote self referential, and aimed at the “fruity geniuses at the Apple Store.”  Soon after, riot cops show up at his house with heavy fire power and arrest him.  He’s been fighting the charge ever since.  Moral of the story: Fight Club was a just a movie.

In Act II we’re told a story about a cop who busts the whole “cops and quota’s” mystery wide open.  Now, I’ve personally had a high ranking cop tell me that quota’s exist, but it was pretty obvious anyhow.  In Brooklyn, you’ll find in the last couple days of certain months, majorly heightened police activity, and crackdowns on quality of life violations.  My advice: don’t ride your bike on the sidewalk from the 28th on.  What’s amazing about this story is the recorded bits this guy snagged of cops being absolutely terrible, first to the public in general and then to this guy for speaking out.

The episode closes with another inscrutable Tory Malatia crack in which it is posited that saddle shoes are, in fact fruity!  What?  Not only are saddle shoes totally in right now, they’re versatile for both business and pleasure.  Perhaps next time you feel the need to threaten somebody’s life on the interenet, do it My Space where only Justin Timberlake reads your status.