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Watch ‘A Queer Country’ Kickstarter

An investigation into Tel Aviv’s vibrant gay community Read More

By / January 30, 2014










London-based Jewish director/producer team “Lisa and Harriet” have a pretty great Kickstarter out called, “A Queer Country,” which investigates Israel’s burgeoning gay population and what it’s like to be a LGBT in a highly religious, but liberally motivated country.

The duo spoke with tons of Israeli citizens; among them Ron Huldai, mayor of Tel Aviv and Asaf Bar Ilan, a commander in the IDF. From crazy techno clubs to the army, they explore the ensuing liberalism in Israel, as well as the speculated “pinkwashing,” which means that Israeli’s tout their gayness with pride as to downplay their own human rights violations.

Definitely looks like it would be a fascinating watch–if you help them finish production on Kickstarter!

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