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Watch Hasidic Band Bulletproof Stockings Rock Out on AOL

The all-female group explains why they only play concerts for women Read More

By / February 12, 2013

The latest band to perform on AOL’s ‘You’ve Got’ series is an act we can get behind. Bulletproof Stockings, a much publicized indie rock band made up of Orthodox Jewish women, played music and explained the band’s philosophy.

“We specifically want to create a space that’s just for women,” band-member Perl Wolf said of concerts, which they perform only for women. The crowd at their filmed performance is made up of mostly modestly-dressed young women who seem grateful for the exciting, lively outlet. It’s all kosher this way, Wolf explains, since Orthodox men are prohibited from hearing the singing of women who aren’t their wives or relatives.

“The general assumption is that we’re cutting out half our audience, which I suppose is true,” Dalia Shusterman added. “But there are only what, 3 billion women in the world? I think we’re good with that.”

Bulletproof Stockings [Reverb Nation]


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