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Watch Lena Dunham and Hamish Bowles’ Model Performance

Hamish teaches Lena some all star ‘Vogue’ poses Read More

By / January 21, 2014









In light of Lena Dunham’s recent drama with Jezebel/Photoshop, this Vogue short is the perfect way to end a bittersweet experience on a high note. In “Cover Girl” Hamish Bowles, Vogue’s international editor-at-large teaches Lena Dunham a thing or two about posing for the cover of Vogue by pulling from the “looks” of past supermodels greats like Cindy Crawford, Twiggy, and Naomi Campbell.

Enjoy a pajama-clad Lena and tux-wearing Hamish “Shalom (Harlow-ing) it out” to a variety of classic cover girl poses in this hilarious Broadway-style song and dance.

(Photo by Vogue)