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What Hunger Games and Purim Have in Common

In the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy and the story of Purim, costumes play an important role in how characters see each other and themselves Read More

By / March 6, 2012

(Murray Close/Lionsgate)

Today in Tablet Magazine, Abigail Miller examines the similarities between Hunger Games and, naturally, the story of Purim:

Regardless of the exact nature of the roles of their respective heroines, though, what Purim and the Hunger Games share is an understanding of the value of dressing up. If the Hunger Games trilogy teaches us about the power of costume, Purim teaches us to push at the lines between utopia, dystopia, and reality. When we listen to this story of Esther becoming queen, of the fate of the Jews catapulting from demise and triumph, and when we dress up as kings and queens, we are tracing out the extremes of power in a society, mocking authority, and, for a moment, feeling what it might be like to be the kings and queens we’ll never be.

Power Suits [Tablet Magazine]

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