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Who Will Be the Next Jewish EGOT?

Scott Rudin became the 6th Jew to get an EGOT, prompting us to ask: who will be next? We handicap the competition. Read More

By / February 14, 2012

With Book of Mormon winning a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album this weekend, super-producer Scott Rudin became the 11th person to ever win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony or as it’s commonly referred, EGOT. Rudin is the sixth Jew to do so (6.5 if you count Whoopi Goldberg, which you probably shouldn’t). Controlling the media or not, that is still an incredibly high percentage for a people that make up such a small percentage of the non-Hollywood population. Moreover, there are many Jews fighting Ms. Kate Winslet for the chance to be the next EGOT. Here are the five most likely to pull it off:

Person: Matt Stone
Awards Won: Emmy for South Park, Grammy for Book of Mormon, Tony for Book of Mormon
Missing Award: Oscar
Likely Path to the EGOT: An adaption of Book of Mormon into film. At minimum it would be a lock for a Best Original Song nomination. If it is executed incredibly well, there is also the potential for Best Adapted Screenplay and even Best Picture. Of all the people on this list, this seems most weirdly plausible.
Odds: 3:1

Person: Barbara Streisand
Awards Worn: Emmy for multiple projects, Grammy for multiple projects, Oscar for Funny Girl
Missing Award: Tony
Likely Path to the EGOT: Some say Streisand has already EGOTted, due to her Special Achievement Tony Award, but they are not EGOT purists like you or I. Personally, it feels sacrilegious to presume that The Babs wouldn’t be able to win a Tony on her own.  Hey Mr. Broadway Producer Man, do I have a show for, it’s called: “An Evening with Barbara Streisand.” She’ll win all the Tonys.
Odds: 4:1

Person: Stephen Spielberg
Awards Worn: Emmy for multiple projects, Oscar for multiple projects
Missing Awards: Grammy, Tony
Likely Path to the EGOT: S-squared is the only member of this list missing two awards; however, considering his all-consuming Hollywood power, an EGOT is firmly within his reach—especially, if he is reaching to Smash something (ba dump cha). Smash was designed to be such a runaway success that it would effectively work as promotion for a Broadway version of the show within the show. Marilyn The Musical very possibly can win a Tony for Best New Musical and a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album. If not those, there are probably a zillion other projects he has in the works. The man is going to EGOT, even if he has to turn Jurassic Park into a Broadway show.
Odds: 8:1

Person: Randy Newman
Awards Won: Emmy for multiple projects (including Cop Rock!), Grammy for multiple projects, Oscar for multiple projects
Missing Award: Tony
Likely Path to the EGOT: Four words: “Short People The Musical”. Seriously though, Randy Newman is an incredibly gifted songwriter, especially in the realm of hired composition. It stands to reason that even if Newman doesn’t write a musical himself, Disney might ask him to spearhead the music for a big Broadway adaption of Toy Story or The Princess and the Frog.
Odds: 10:1

Person: Stephen Sondheim
Awards Won: Grammy for multiple projects, Oscar for Dick Tracy, Tony for multiple projects
Missing Award: Emmy
Likely Way to EGOT: It’s not an easy road for him, but in this recycled culture, some Producer (maybe Scott Rudin) might turn a Sondheim classic into a TV show, any day now. West Side Story, on Wednesdays at 10pm on NBC; you know you’d watch that and you know The Sondhammer would get nominated for it. He might be the dark horse in this race but maybe the Emmy voters will pity his age.
Odds: 20:1


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