Jewish Food

Buzzfeed Hipsters Sample Jewish Food For the First Time

Manischewitz: yes; chopped liver: no. Read More

By / September 29, 2014


ICYMI alert—Buzzfeed released this cute video last week of a posse of hipsters sampling Jewish (read: Ashkenazi) food for the first time, and their reactions are pretty hilarious. They’re probably hamming it up for the camera (is “Manischewitz” really that obscure or hard to pronounce?), but still, it’s cute.

On kugel: “I feel like it wants to be macaroni and cheese, and it also wants to be a cake, it just doesn’t know which one it is yet.” (Truth!)

On Manischewitz: “I can get wasted off this.”

On chopped liver: “This is poop. This has to be poop.” (It’s actually brown, fatty gold, but I guess it’s an acquired taste.)

Also, the observations vis-à-vis food density (specifically with regard to matzah balls, gefilte fish, and kugel) are spot on. Jews do have a high caloric content per square inch of food.

Our verdict? A “WIN” for internet’s best/worst purveyor of viral content.

(Image: YouTube)