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Kosher Cupcakes Go Public!

The famous New York cupcake maker might be coming to a town near you. Read More

By / January 11, 2011

Whenever my mom visits me in New York the first place she wants to go to is Crumbs to get a cupcake.  Even though I’m strange and hate most baked goods, I will always oblige her and tag along.  A week later she gets home and tells me she really misses the massive signature size “Elvis” cupcake — which is vanilla cake filled & frosted with banana cream cheese frosting, topped with a swirl of real creamy peanut butter and edged with peanut butter chips.

She doesn’t miss me.  She misses Elvis.

Well now she might not have to hop on a plane to get her fix, as the company is going public.  Crumbs will receive $27 million in cash and $39 million in stock from the 57th Street General Acquisition Corp. reports Inc. They will also be officially known as Crumbs Bake Shop from now on.

No word about expansion, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the kosher cupcake company branched out with this investment.