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Mayim Bialik Is Writing a Vegan Family Cookbook

The former ‘Blossom’ star will include all the Jewish recipes she’s veganized. We help her scope out the competition Read More

By / September 6, 2012

If you never tire of reading about your favorite vegan celebs (or vegan-cheating ones), then we have great news for you. All you plant-eating Jews who dreamed their favorite ‘90s sitcom star-turned-Ph.D. would write a cookbook, your wish has come true! (Ok, maybe that’s just me.)

That’s right, Mayim Bialik announced yesterday that she’s currently working on a family-friendly vegan cookbook with nutritionist Dr. Jay Gordon to be released next fall. (For a taste, check out her mini potato kugel recipe.) A regular contributor to Kveller and contributing editor at Tablet, (in 2009 Bialik wrote about how her Orthodox Jewish beliefs changed her style,) she decided to become a vegan after reading (yet another vegan-friendly Jewish celeb) Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals.

While you may be familiar with her parenting advice (breastfeeding three-year-old anyone?) from the book she published this past spring, this is Bialik’s first cookbook, so we thought we’d help her scope out her competition.

1. The other Jewish teen celebrity-turned-mother-turned-vegan-turned-cookbook-author: Alicia Silverstone

Silverstone “freakin’ loved gefilte fish,” but in the past few years has established herself as one of the most outspoken (and extreme) of vegan celebs. Bialik may breastfeed her 3-year-old, but does she pre-chew her son’s food? With her own vegan lifestyle blog, The Kind Life, and her vegan guidebook/cookbook which came out in 2009, Silverstone may be a tough act to follow in terms of exposure, but the jury is still out when it comes to the actual recipes.

2. The Oprah- and Ellen-approved famous Israeli chef: Tal Ronnen

Famous for his food, not his acting, Ronnen was chosen by both daytime TV queens to teach their staffs about veganism. In 2008, he helped Oprah’s crew survive a 21-day cleanse and in 2010 taught Ellen how to make meatless stew (he also catered her wedding to Portia de Rossi). His cookbook The Conscious Cook is the best kind of food porn. Bialik might get more attention, but it’ll be tough to beat Ronnen’s drool-inducing recipes.

3. One-half of the Post Punk duo behind the Vegan Bible: Isa Chandra Moskowitz

OK, outside of the vegan universe she may not be as famous, but anyone who’s ever cooked vegan has read her blog or owns at least one of her cookbooks, especially the Vegan Bible, aka Veganomicon. (Along with Terry Hope Romero, she co-hosted a vegan cooking show, The Post Punk Kitchen, from 2003-05 on community access television in Manhattan and Brooklyn.) Though she’s not religious, Moskowitz’s recipes are filled with Jewish inspiration (they include everything from latkes to borscht) and are much more approachable than Ronnen’s (re: simpler) for the everyday vegan cook, making her Bialik’s stiffest competition.

Have another favorite Jewish, vegan cookbook author? Let us know in the comments!