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Shana Tova from BuzzFeed

The addicting site brings us 27 delicious Rosh Hashanah recipes Read More

By / August 30, 2013

BuzzFeed, the internet’s maligned and beloved list distributor, has given us something we can’t complain about. In the spirit of the Jewish New Year, we embrace this new list with open arms. “27 Sweetest Treats for Rosh Hashanah,” is a fantastic compilation of inventive ideas for High Holiday dining.

Apples emptied and turned into honey cups. Fontina, walnut, apple, and honey grilled cheese sandwiches. Honey-glazed carrots. The list just gets better and better until it’s Manischewitz Ice Cream.

Shana tova and thank you, BuzzFeed.

27 Sweetest Treats For Rosh Hashanah [BuzzFeed]