‘New Girl’s Max Greenfield Guest Edits Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Newsletter

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By / May 21, 2012

We love Max Greenfield. We love him as Schmidt on New Girl, we love him being Schmidt in his spare time, and yes, we wish we went to his spin class in LA. But then he guest edited Gwyneth Paltrow’s uber-fancy lifestyle newsletter goop, and we worried he maybe went too far.

We’re torn, because goop’s ubiquity stems from us loving to hate its groomed, glossy existence and its espousal of a lifestyle that, for pretty much everyone in the world except for Paltrow herself, is not only financially unreasonable but logistically impossible. One can only detox so often.

We do, however, have to give Gwyneth credit for correctly identifying Greenfield’s New Girl character, Schmidt, as “the kind of guy you lusted after at your cousin’s Bar Mitzvah.” And, full disclosure: my gynecologist delivered Gwyneth’s son Moses, which I know because I spent $3.99 on the goop city guide app, but which I haven’t found a way to casually bring up mid-exam.

So does the awesomeness of Greenfield finding yet another medium through which to entertain us outweigh the annoyingness of his Schmidt-like endorsement of goop’s cultural value? Should Greenfield have to contribute to Schmidt’s douchebag jar for this one? You be the judge.

Pro: Of HBO’s Girls, he says, “Lena Dunham is Jewish Punk Rock.”

Con: He uses the word ‘trousers.’

Pro: He makes a strong argument for throws (“a throw is not to be confused with a blanket”), particularly the Jonathan Adler variety.

Con: He’s guest editing a Goop newsletter.

Pro: He’s really cute about his daughter.

Con: He panders to Clooney.

Pro: He asks the real questions: “How am I supposed to be ‘Ready for Summer’ when I was never ‘Ready for Spring’?”

Con: He might wear high neck sweaters. What would Schmidt say?

Pro: He and I have the same tortoise shell iPhone cover, which redeems his potential collaborative misstep and basically makes us best friends.

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(Photo credit: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)