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A Documentary about Tom’s Diner is Finally Here

If you’ve never seen the diner in person, you’ve certainly seen it on ‘Seinfeld’ Read More

By / October 25, 2013

When I was at Columbia Journalism School, every time I walked up Broadway, dorkily early for class, I’d manage a smile when I saw Tom’s Diner.

Tom’s Diner, made famous from Seinfeld and Suzanne Vega’s chilling song of the same name, sits on the corner of 112th Street. It makes its customers happy (though many do seem to enjoy needlessly criticizing the grub), but most of all, it gives your father, visiting campus for graduation, a very excited expression—an expression that the Columbia graduation itself could not even provoke.

So it makes sense that Tom’s Diner earned itself a documentary; the place is dripping in history. Directed by Gian Franco Morini, the aptly named Tom’s Diner: A Documentary About Nothing Everything, traces the restaurant’s history and features a ton of interviews with the diner’s loyal patrons—some Cornel West, some Bob Rose, and, of course, the owner and manager of the diner, Mike Zoulis.

Here’s a trailer. We cannot wait to see the whole film.

Learn more about the film here.