A New Program To Prevent Sexual Harassment In Be’er Sheva

A Ben-Gurion University student created a safe way for women report crimes around campus Read More

By / October 3, 2013

Sadly, Be’er Sheva has recently seen an increase in sexual harassment in areas around Ben-Gurion University. In order to ensure that women are able to safely notify the police about any such incident, Israel Kariti, a university student, created a map that allows women to anonymously chart the location of the attack and add any identifiable information they have about the perpetrator. The map also warns women about specifically dangerous areas, Haaretz reports.

“The police were surprised at the number of incidents, for the simple reason that they were not reported to the station,” Kariti said. “The number of cases that I personally disclosed to them is much higher than what’s on Facebook [where women often divulge incidents of harassment] and certainly more than what the police have.” Many female university students choose not to contact the police directly because of the emotional burden of doing so, noted Kariti, but they can report what happened on the map with a few clicks of a computer mouse. In addition to providing the information to the police, the map warns female students about locations in which they should be particularly careful.

A female student at the university has also begun a neighborhood watch group. The area is not considered to be overall dangerous; the incidents may likely be the result of a small group of people.

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