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Amy Schumer Lives Out the Rich-Person-Tipping-Fantasy of Which We Only Dream

The comedian tipped a bartender about 1300% at a performance of ‘Hamilton.’ Read More

By / March 21, 2016

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My Zeyde, may he rest in peace, always used to say, “There’s no such thing as a big tip, only a fair tip.”

In that case, Amy Schumer is an extremely fair tipper. The actor and comedian took a group of friends, including boyfriend Ben Hanisch, to see Hamilton on Broadway Saturday night, and like a Jenny from the Block, she remembered back to her bartending days as she struggled to make it in show business.

The bar tab ran $77 (which was literally four drinks because theater prices are ridiculous), but Schumer tipped a clean $1000, which bartender Sara Laursen (an aspiring actor herself) told reporters was “incredibly generous.”

One grand: That’s one hundred Hamiltons, and almost enough for one ticket to the hit show (alright, it’s not that expensive).

Could the Inside Amy Schumer star be fomenting a Socialist revolution? Laursen split her windfall with the other bartenders, so the distribution of wealth continues.

In response to the positive press, Schumer was perfect, and tweeted:


Image credit: Mario Santor for Wikimedia Commons