Brooklyn Couple Rescue Baby Raccoon From Wall, Hand Her Over To Nice Jewish Boy Pest Control

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By / May 2, 2014

OMG OMG OMG. This story is insane and true and kind of adorable! (Especially if you like urban animal rescue stories. And who doesn’t like an urban animal rescue story?)

Brooklyn blog Fucked In Park Slope reports that local residents William and Malya Levin just rescued a BABY RACCOON from within the walls of their apartment. Specifically, the wall behind their oven, which William literally hammered through (the wall, not the oven) in order to retrieve the poor whimpering creature, while Malya documented the event (and provided a few well-timed gasps and “oh my gods”).

Anyway, the little gal emerged from her dark hidey-hole in one piece, and was apparently so exhausted by the ordeal that she slept through the night in the couple’s apartment. The next day she was collected by a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator from—wait for it—Nice Jewish Boy pest control. Are you kvelling right now, or what? I am.

William and Malya hope to catch the raccoon’s mother and reunite the pair.

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