Can Sarah Silverman and Samuel L. Jackson Get Obama Reelected?

A Jewish Super PAC is counting on it Read More

By / November 1, 2012

But seriously, can they? The Jewish Council for Education and Research, or JCER, the Super PAC behind recent viral gems like Samuel L. Jackson’s “Wake the F*ck Up” and Sarah Silverman’s “Let My People Vote,” sure hopes so.

Jewcy editor Stephanie Butnick talked to Mik Moore and Ari Wallach, the two masterminds at JCER, about whether or not the videos, which are clearly popular, can make a difference come next Tuesday, election day:

But do video shares translate to anything other than laughs? “It’s hard to go into the election and see what caused what,” Moore said. But Wallach sees their campaigns as part of a larger shift in political advocacy. “Not everyone is going to become a door knocker for Obama,” he said. “The other 90 percent still want to engage and be part of the process.” The more strategy-focused of the pair, Wallach insisted that JCER’s videos provide an opportunity for those progressive Jews who aren’t going door to door. “Our videos are meant to spark conversation between people, to ask important questions,” he said. “There are ways of engaging Jews that aren’t all or nothing.”

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Until then, here’s “Call Your Zeyde,” the latest from the folks at JCER:

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