Celebrity Video Greetings Are The Newest Bar Mitzvah Trend

Since it’s too expensive for the celebrity to actually perform live, they’ll send regards via webcam Read More

By / September 9, 2013

In middle school, Saturday nights were guaranteed preteen debauchery. There was at least one bar or bat mitzvah a week and we’d tie dance all night, hydrating ourselves with copious Shirley Temples on another parents’ dime. Retrospectively, it seems like nothing could make those nights more fun, but that’s just not true because there could have been an awesome video message from Katy Perry or Justin Timberlake wishing us a lovely evening and maybe even singing a signature note.

For the starting price of $5,000—and that’s only if your celebrity is, like, a nobody—you can have a star impress your friends via video greeting.

“Video greetings in general are considerably less expensive than a live appearance, but anytime you’re involving a celebrity’s name and image the price tag will be in direct proportion to the popularity of the star, ranging from the low of $5,000 per celebrity up to $100,000, often made as a donation to the charity of the celebrity’s choice.”

It was apparently too expensive to actually have a celebrity perform in person (unless you’re Kylie Jenner) so video appearances are now all the rage. At least it’s usually for charity.