Crowd-Funding Could Put Holocaust-Themed Video Game on the Market

A developer hopes to raise enough money to finally release his video game Read More

By / September 10, 2013

After a rejection from Nintendo, British video game developer Luc Bernard seems to have found a way to get his Holocaust-themed video game to the people: Indiegogo, a crowd-funding website. The game, Imagination is the Only Escape, features Samuel, a young boy during France’s Nazi occupation in 1942, seeking to escape the awful reality of his surroundings through imagined adventures with a fox named Renard, the Verge reports. Initially, the video game was met with much controversy, but Bernard is continuing his pursuit.

However, according to Bernard, the feedback he received at that time from Jewish and German audiences was largely positive, making him even more confident that this is a game he should make. “If I managed to convince a Holocaust survivor and he’s for it, I don’t care about the average Bob on the street,” he says. “That’s the only opinion that I need. Those are the people that I care about.”

Bernard hopes the game will inspire players to learn more about the history of the Holocaust.

(Still image from Indiegogo)