Daily Jewce: Babs’ Brooklyn Homecoming, Jewish Jokes are Fine Now

In the news today: Jack Black’s lost action flick, PETA takes on Pokeman, and more Read More

By / October 12, 2012

• Babs’ Brooklyn homecoming concert was filled with references to knishes and lox. Atta girl.

• The lying, scheming, pretend-Torah-rescuing rabbi has been sentenced to four years in prison.

• That New York Times article ostensibly praising Lena Dunham for being normal-sized on television naturally did all the fatshaming it could.

• In the battle of PETA vs. Pokeman, only one can win. Liel Leibovitz reports.

• Rachel Shukert reports that Jewish jokes are not only no longer off-limits, they’re a comedy slam dunk— and why that’s totally okay.

• Jack Black’s super gory lost 1980s action film, courtesy of Funny or Die:

OFF! – Wrong with Jack Black from OFF!