Daily Jewce: Barbra Streisand’s New Jewish Movie, Bibi’s Son Parties in NYC

In the news today: Mandy Patinkin is a ninja, losing a Catskills matchmaker, GOOP’s latest musical venture, and more Read More

By / October 4, 2012

• Irving Cohen, the Catskill’s unoffical matchmaker, died at 95. His obituary is the stuff of legends.

• While dad was crushing it at the U.N. with his bomb diagram, 21-year-old Yoni Netanyahu was partying it up around Manhattan.   

• Mandy Patinkin is a ninja, and other things we learn from the 25th anniversary screening of The Princess Bride.

• Our girl Gwyneth Paltrow is trying to make a Go Gos musical. Godspeed, Goop.

• The recording studio where Drake made his first two albums is now home to a 50-seat theater. No word on whether any Degrassi tribute shows have been scheduled yet.

• Over at Vulture, Jesse David Fox points out the insane Jewishness of Guilt Trip, a new movie starring Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand.