Daily Jewce: Ben (Not Jerry) Gets Political, Paul Rudd’s Old School DJ Tricks

In the news today: Maurice Sendak’s editor, King of Versailles doesn’t want Obama elected, and more Read More

By / October 11, 2012

• Ben Cohen, aka Ben of Ben and Jerry’s, is serving up some campaign finance reform.

• Paul Rudd gives away some of his bar mitzvah DJ-ing tricks. They’re a bit dated, but we still love you Rudd.

• The delightful tale of Maurice Sendak and his longtime editor, Ursula Norstrom.

• Meredith Fineman breaks down five teen movie scenarios that seem romantic, but are actually really weird.

• Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt, just being awesome and talking about baseball.

• Remember the guy who built that insane Versailles mansion in Florida that was the subject of a documentary? He told his employees he might have to fire them if Obama was reelected.