Daily Jewce: Brad Pitt’s Holocaust Movie, Tavi Gevinson’s Lesson in Bitchface

In the news today: Etgar Keret’s skinny home gets built, Jack Black goes to the dentist, pork discussion gets lethal, and more Read More

By / September 13, 2012

• Here are some overly descriptive descriptions of Bob Dylan’s voice on his latest album, The Tempest.

• Brad Pitt is in talks to produce a film based on the 2001 book, IBM and the Holocaust.

• Etgar Keret’s super-skinny home-to-be in Warsaw is being built.

• Jack Black doesn’t seem to mind the dentist. Here’s a picture of him posing with a fellow patient who had just gotten her braces off.

• A heated discussion over pork semantics left one man dead and his uncle in police custody, the Scroll reports.

• Tavi Gevinson teaches Jimmy Fallon the art of the bitchface:


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