Daily Jewce: DSK’s Sex Parties, Deported Rapper Shyne Endorses Romney

In the news today: Jerry Stiller played Hitler in a high school play, Seinfeld’s back on stage, a look at ‘Jerusalem: A Cookbook,’ and more Read More

By / October 15, 2012

• Jerry Stiller played the role of Hitler in a high school play.

• A look at the new cookbook from two Jerusalem-born star chefs, helpfully called Jerusalem: A Cookbook.

• Dominique Strauss Kahn opens up about the lavish sex parties he regularly participated in. Gross.

• Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up is comedic comfort food, says the New York Times.

• Orthodox rapper Shyne, who was deported in 2009 and therefore can’t vote in a U.S. election, endorsed Mitt Romney.

• Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner (is he? isn’t he?) jumped from space this weekend. What did you do?