Daily Jewce: Female Mossad Agents Talk Flirting; Watch Mel Brooks Cursing

In the news today: Vanessa Redgrave to play a Holocaust survivor in new Jesse Eisenberg play, Jake Gyllenhaal got tased, and more Read More

By / September 21, 2012

• Rachel Shukert on the lessons of Yom Kippur…and Chatroulette?

• Max Greenfield, aka New Girl’s Schmidt, has been “trying to insert my neurotic Judaism into this show since day one.”

• The Times of Israel talked to female Mossad agents about what they will and will not do to advance a mission. Example: “We flirt, but the line is drawn at sex.”

• Vanessa Redgrave has signed on to play Jesse Eisenberg’s cousin, a Polish Holocaust survivor, in Eisenberg’s latest play, The Revisionist.

• Jake Gyllenhaal got tased in preparation for his new police film, End of Watch.

• Watch Mel Brooks cursing at Jerry Seinfeld: