Daily Jewce: Gilad Shalit, Jokes About Jews, Driving Babies, and More

In the news today: Gild Shalit becomes a reporter, Jerry Lewis ails, a baby arrives to his bris in style, and more Read More

By / June 14, 2012

• Gilad Shalit will be covering the NBA Finals as a special correspondent for Yediot Ahranot.

• Jokes about Jews have long been fodder for gentile comedians, but the results can be messy.

• Refuah shleimah to legendary entertainer Jerry Lewis, who was taken to a New York hospital after collapsing (reportedly because of low blood sugar) at an event at the Friars Club.

• NYC royalty Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour are co-hosting an $80k-per-person fundraiser for Barack Obama at SJP’s brownstone tonight. That’ll buy ya a lot of Mitt-is-a-mean-ol’-rich-vampire-capitalist ads.

• You should probably watch this video of an Israeli baby being brought into his bris in a remote-controlled car.