Daily Jewce: Glatt Kosher Gets Glam, Lena Dunham v. Gawker

In the news today: That Judd Apatow tribute art show, a recipe for marshmallow dreidels, and more Read More

By / December 12, 2012

• Our new favorite food is the glorious chocolate marshmallow dreidel. [Offbeat Home]

• Lena Dunham v. Gawker. [MediaBistro]

• Glatt Kosher goes glam in NYC, and Madonna and Ricky Martin approve. [Tablet]

• More on Michael Bolla’s Lower East Side development, Madison Jackson—though our favorite story about the project remains the one titled Bagels and Luxe. [Observer]

• Judd Apatow’s daughter Maude wrote a parody tween pop song for dad’s new movie, This is 40. [Vulture]

• Meanwhile, everything you ever wanted to know about that Judd Apatow tribute art show:

Gallery 1988 – Judd Apatow Tribute Show from Gallery1988 on Vimeo.