Daily Jewce: Hebrew ‘50 Shades of Grey’ Sells Out, Claire Danes Talks Israel

In the news today: Lady Gaga’s Winehouse tribute, Mark Zuckerberg repents, Jeremy Sisto’s brush with ‘Titanic’ fame, and more Read More

By / September 12, 2012

• The first Hebrew translation of 50 Shades of Grey sold out in one day.

• The upcoming High Holidays are the perfect time to teach your kids how to apologize, Marjorie Ingall says.

• Look, it’s Clueless’ Jeremy Sisto playing Jack in a Titanic screen test. Wait, what?

• Performing in London, Lady Gaga dedicated her new morbid tune, “Princess Die,” to Princess Diana and Amy Winehouse.

• Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook stock has been a disappointment so far. We’re not mad, Zuck, just disappointed.

• Watch Claire Danes talk about Season 2 of Homeland, and filming for two weeks in Tel Aviv. “I really love Israel,” she says.