Daily Jewce: Ike Davis’ Dating Life, Peres ♥ Reagan, Adam Sandler, and More

In the news today: Mets first baseman Ike Davis shuns JDate, Peres ♥ Reagan, Adam Sandler’s long decline continues, and more Read More

By / June 18, 2012

• New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis, who’s Jewish, would like you to know that he’s not on JDate.

• Ultra-Orthodox Jews put up a billboard warning their brethren of the dangers of Manhattan.

• Shimon Peres: Ronald Reagan “conquered my heart.” The two also liked to trade jokes about Russia.

Grantland goes long on Adam Sandler, who may have become synonymous with shark-jumping.

• The fallout of the Most Important Nightclub Fight of Our Time continues. The club was shut down! NBA star Tony Parker (and Chris Brown pal) hurt his eye in the melee! Drake may be charged—or he may not! Whatever happens, know that we’ll be studying this issue closely, and that Drake probably has a very good lawyer.