Daily Jewce: JAPs, Alice Walker’s Boycott, Drake, and More

In the news today: The evolution of the JAP, Drake’s next album, a precocious Israeli in the New Yorker, and more Read More

By / June 19, 2012

• How Shoshanna, from HBO’s “Girls,” represents an evolution of the JAP stereotype.

• The Onion looks at Mitt Romney’s campaign promises vis a vis Israel.

• Alice Walker, a supporter of the BDS movement, won’t let her novel The Color Purple be translated into Hebrew.

• Noted pugilist and sometime rapper Drake told MTV that he wants to “bring people together” with his next album, which will be his third.

• This week’s New Yorker features a story, “Means of Suppressing Demonstrations,” by 25-year-old Israeli writer Shani Boianjiu.