Daily Jewce: Jason Segel Flick to Open Tribeca Film Festival, Steve Martin Pranking on Twitter, Whitney’s Trip to Israel, and More

In the news today: Maude Apatow interviews Paul Rudd, Steve Martin pranks Gwyneth Paltrow on Twitter, and more Read More

By / February 29, 2012

Jason Segel’s new Judd Apatow-produced comedy, Engagement, which Segel co-wrote with Nick Stoller (the dream team behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall), will open the Tribeca Film Festival on April 18.

• In other Apatow family news, daughter Maude interviews Paul Rudd, her on-screen dad in Knocked Up and the upcoming This is Forty, and he tells her about his bar mitzvah.

• Steve Martin, Twitter prankster.

• Whitney Houston was planning another trip to Israel.