Daily Jewce: Jerry Seinfeld’s Ugly Sneakers, Rachel Weisz’s First Oscar

In the news today: crowd-sourcing Jewish words, another look at Nick Kroll’s new show, and more Read More

By / January 10, 2013

• Jerry Seinfeld’s wife Jessica apparently hates his white tennis sneakers. “I think a man of your dignified age and elegance could maybe go with a dark grey or black. Or the New Balance.” [The Cut]

• Jewcy contributor Alex Aciman matches famous musicians with their iconic style items. [Time]

• It’s officially Oscar season! Rachel Weisz and Christoph Waltz reflect on winning their first Oscars. [NYT]

• There’s a new crowd-sourced Jewish-English lexicon online, and it looks pretty awesome. [Tablet]

• More magic from Comedy Central’s upcoming series, The Kroll Show, featuring real-life Network Jew Nick Kroll. [Vulture]