Daily Jewce: Jon Stewart on the Israeli Elections, Josh Radnor’s Victory Lap

Plus Drew Barrymore talks motherhood, Chuck Schumer is America’s Uncle Leo, and more Read More

By / January 24, 2013

• Our columnist Dvora Meyers on the guy who really wanted her to try pork. [Pork Memoirs]

How I Met Your Mother get renewed for a ninth (and final!) season, and Jewish star Josh Radnor is excited for the “victory lap.” [Access Hollywood]

• Joe Winkler talks to the guys behind the Comedy Central show Workaholics. [Splitsider]

• Rachel Shukert says Chuck Schumer is America’s Uncle Leo. [Tablet]

• Drew Barrymore talks about Olive, hew baby with husband Will Kopelman. [HuffPost]

• Naturally, Jon Stewart had his own take on the Israeli elections: Circumdecision 5773. [The Daily Show]

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