Daily Jewce: Lea Michele Talks Glee, James Deen Went to Jewish Camp

In the news today: Williamsburg store owners take on immodesty, Terry Gross isn’t Howard Stern, Gina Gershon’s new movie, and more Read More

By / July 23, 2012

• The difference between NPR Fresh Air host Terry Gross and Howard Stern? Gross doesn’t ask about penis size during interviews.

• The new New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief goes to the Jerusalem Film Festival.

• Jewish porn star James Deen lost his virginity at summer camp.

• Don’t try going into these Jewish-owned Williamsburg businesses immodestly dressed.

• Gina Gershon hopes her new movie, Killer Joe, will make audiences forget about Showgirls.

Glee’s Lea Michele talks the show’s next season at the Teen Choice Awards.