Daily Jewce: Lena Dunham Bonds With Jon Stewart, Live Like a Coen Brother

Plus Hitler’s gross couch, why you should never try ‘Two Girls One Cup’ at home, and more Read More

By / January 18, 2013

• Are slavery movies the new Holocaust flicks? Rachel Shukert thinks so. [Tablet]

• What Woody Allen’s character’s diction in Hannah and Her Sisters reveals about New Yorkers’ inability to pronounce the letter R. [Slate]

• See the couch where Hitler killed himself. Or don’t. [NY Daily News]

• Live like a Coen brother (Ethan) for only $2.34 million. [Curbed]

• A guy named Ira Isaacs is going to jail for four years for making a video in the style of the infamously obscene ‘Two Girls One Cup.’ [The Scroll]

• Lena Dunham and Jon Stewart commiserate over mean Internet things. [The Daily Show]

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