Daily Jewce: Lollapalooza Heads to Tel Aviv, Seville Hats Head to Brooklyn

In the news today: Lena Dunham’s quasi-college-boyfriend, illustrating Jewish history, that New Yorker cartoon ‘Seinfeld’ episode, and more Read More

By / August 6, 2012

• From Seville to Hasidic Williamsburg: the black hat-making industry.

• Artists take on the task of illustrating the great Jewish quotes, from Deuteronomy to Susan Sontag.

• The New Yorker cartoonist behind the New Yorker cartoon episode of Seinfeld.

• Music festival Lollapalooza is heading to Tel Aviv in 2013. Rock on.

• Lena Dunham’s hemp-wearing college kind-of-boyfriend, New Yorker style.

• Also, Lena Dunham wrote a movie and John Krasinski is starring in it.