Daily Jewce: Maira Kalman Draws Tel Aviv, Joan Rivers Talks Ben Franklin’s Fashion Sense, and more

In the news today: The 92-year-old DVD bootlegger, Georgina Bloomberg wants her dad to run for president, Jason Segel talks yarmulkes, and more
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By / April 27, 2012

• Meet the “old Jewish guy on Long Island” who has sent more than 2,000 illegally copied Hollywood movies to U.S. soldiers stationed abroad.

• Mayor Bloomberg’s daughter, Georgina, thinks her dad should run for president.

• Joan Rivers on Ben Franklin’s sense of style: “He was a fashion plate, he was smart. He knew how to wear long coats to elongate his chubby little body.”

•Tel Aviv-born artist Maira Kalman illustrates her native city on Israel Independence Day.

• Judd Apatow’s new film, The Five Year Engagement, is out today, and guess what—there’s a yarmulke scene: