Daily Jewce: Mandy Patinkin’s Beard, Jon Stewart Does ‘A Christmas Carol’

In the news today: Jewish animated Christmas specials, Joan Rivers’ unsolicited advice, and more Read More

By / December 13, 2012

• Jon Stewart took some artistic liberty with the plot of A Christmas Carol in response to Fox News’ War on Christmas coverage. [Mediaite]

• Novelist Jami Attenberg—star of yesterday’s Twitter Book Club—discusses the creation of an obese literary character with playwright Samuel D. Hunter. [NYT]

• Joan Rivers has some advice for the Australian radio DJs who prank called the hospital Kate Middleton was staying in, who have been vilified after the nurse who took the call killed herself. [Mediaite]

• Why do classic Rankin-Bass Christmas animated specials like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman look so…Jewish? [Tablet]

• Jewcy favorite Mandy Patinkin tells Stephen Colbert it takes eight to 10 weeks to get his beard to its full glory, then schools Colbert on the roots of terrorism. Saul Berenson FTW. [Colbert Report]

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